Customized POS Receipts

Customizing Receipts: Show Exactly What You Want On Your Receipts

With our PHP Point Of Sale system, you have full control over what appears on your receipts, allowing for a tailored experience for both you and your customers.

Why Customize?

  1. Branding: With your company logo and name on the receipt, it's not just a transaction slip; it's a branding opportunity.
  2. Clarity: Display only the necessary information. Reduce clutter and make it easier for your customers to read.
  3. Flexibility: From taxes to payment types to loyalty programs, you decide what's relevant.
  4. Legal & Tax Compliance: Depending on your jurisdiction or business needs, some information might be required on your receipt.

Key Features:

  • Company Details: Add your company logo, name, and website for a personal touch.
  • Tax Configurations: Decide if prices include tax, manage tax groups and rates, and more.
  • Currency & Payment: Select your currency symbol, its location, payment types, and even set default payment methods.
  • Item Display: Choose if you'd like to show item IDs, descriptions, original prices, and more.
  • Sale Details: Manage settings like sale ID prefix, display of recent sales by customer, salesperson details, and commission calculations.
  • Shipping & Deliveries: Define shipping providers, zones, and even manage settings related to tax on service items for deliveries.
  • Receipt Look & Feel: Change the title, manage text size, group all taxes, decide on barcode displays, and more. Even decide on print behaviors like automatic printing after a sale or receiving.
  • Loyalty & Discounts: If you run loyalty programs or offer discounts, manage how these details are presented on the receipt.

Easy Configuration Search:

We understand that with extensive customization options, navigating can get tricky. That's why all configuration settings are easily searchable using the search feature at the top of the Store Config Page, Item Labels', and more to assist you further.

Your receipts are the final touchpoint of a sale. Make them reflect your business perfectly. Customize today.

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