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Mastering Payment Tracking in PHP Point Of Sale (PHPPOS) Register

Elevate Your Financial Management Game

Welcome to the world of PHP Point Of Sale (PHPPOS), where payment tracking becomes a cakewalk. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you on a journey through the art of tracking various payment types, such as cash, credit, debit, checks, and gift cards, using the PHPPOS software.

This feature simplifies payment management, ensuring your financial records are consistently accurate. Let's delve into the details and discover how you can optimize your payment tracking for smoother business operations.

What Enabling Payment Tracking Does for You:

The first step to efficient payment tracking is activating the "Track Cash In Register" option within your Store Configuration settings. The best part? This feature isn't limited to cash alone; it extends its capabilities to cover other payment types as well. We'll provide a deeper dive into Store Configuration Options to help you harness this powerful tool.

  • Register Logs Report:

Imagine having a trusty financial assistant at your beck and call. That's precisely what the Register Logs Report feels like. It offers a comprehensive overview of your payment tracking activities, ensuring you stay organized and make informed decisions. We'll guide you through accessing this invaluable report shortly.

  • Opening and Closing the Register:

With payment tracking in place, accountability takes center stage in your daily operations. When your employees log in, they'll encounter a screen that prompts them to verify the cash drawer's contents before they can process sales. This extra step ensures that the actual cash in the drawer aligns with your expectations, reducing discrepancies and errors.

At the end of their shift, your employees will once again come across a screen that asks them to confirm the contents of the cash drawer. This final checkpoint is designed to guarantee the accuracy of your financial records, leaving no room for doubt.

  • Adding Cash to the Register:

Need to infuse some cash into the register? It's a straightforward process that goes like this:

  • Within the sales interface, locate the "..." dropdown menu.
  • Select "Add Cash to Register."
  • Removing Cash from the Register:

Removing cash from the register follows a similar hassle-free routine:

  • Navigate to the "..." dropdown menu within the sales interface.
  • Choose "Remove Cash from Register."

This action takes you to a screen where you can meticulously record the precise amount of cash being withdrawn from the drawer. Input the amount, add an optional comment if deemed necessary, and then finalize the process by clicking "Submit."

Closing the Cash Register:

Closing the register is a pivotal step in maintaining the highest degree of financial accuracy. Here's how you can go about it efficiently:

  • Find the "..." dropdown menu within the sales interface
  • Click on "Close Register."

An interactive screen will appear, enabling you to meticulously verify the contents of the cash drawer, including denominations. The system performs an automatic reconciliation of the drawer's actual amount with the expected total. When you're confident that everything aligns perfectly, go ahead and click "Submit" to officially close the register. And if the situation calls for it, you can also log out without closing the register.

Ease Payment Tracking with us!

Efficient payment tracking serves as the bedrock for impeccable financial accuracy within your business. PHP Point Of Sale's Register Payment Tracking feature empowers you to streamline this process, guaranteeing consistently precise financial records.

If you find yourself with questions or require expert guidance, our dedicated team stands ready to support you every step of the way on your PHPPOS journey. We're committed to ensuring your payment tracking experience remains seamless and efficient, allowing you to conquer new heights in financial management.

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