About Us

A bit about our company

How did we begin?

The Company was Founded in 2010 and has since grown dramatically. We primarily assist customers who own small businesses and want the flexibility and cost effectiveness of an online system.

We are a small company based in Rochester, NY dedicated to delivering the best point of sale application possible. PHP Point Of Sale was originally created for a small tennis pro shop in order to help keep track of sales. Based on the success and feedback from the creation of a system for them, php point of sale continued to grow. It is used throughout the world in many countries and small businesses. We thank all our customers and the open source community for helping this small project become so successful.

Chris Muench, the original creator of the software is the owner of PHP Point of Sale, LLC
chris muench
Chris is founder/owner of PHP Point Of Sale. His responsibilities include development, overall direction of the product, and customer service. The inspiration behind developing PHP Point Of Sale was to help a local business have a simple and cost effective system to use. Using the knowledge we gained making the system for them; we have created a simple to use system that we are always improving that is used by many all around the world.