Organizations & Partners

We Work With the Best Partners

Below is a list of partners we integrate with or work with as a company. We also integrate with many credit card processors that are listed below. Click image below to be directed to their website.

Organizations & Partners

Process Credit Card Transactions

With our partnerships with PHP POS Payments, CardConnect, Vantiv (Now Worldpay), Square, EVO, First Data, Worldpay, Heartland, Braintree, and Stripe you will be able to seamlessly process credit card transactions from PHP Point Of Sale. We also offer Chip Card ready credit card processing with CardConnect, Vantiv (Now Worldpay), First Data, Worldpay,Heartland and EVO that works on the windows operating system. We also offer credit card processing solutions for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and many Android devices*1.

PHP Point Of Sale Payments integrates credit-card processing fully into the POS software. Please click following link for a quick and easy enrollment! Signup for PHP POS Payments!