Coffee Shop POS System | PHP Point Of Sale

Expiration Date Tracking

When you create items in PHP POS, you can set expiration dates for them. Our coffee shop expiration date tracking feature helps you keep track of when ingredients and finished goods are approaching their best-buy date so that you can keep your customers happy!

Easy Customer Loyalty Program

We know that coffee shops rely on repeat business, which is why PHP POS features a robust and easy to use coffee shop customer loyalty program built into our platform! Reward customers for coming back to your store with fantastic discounts and no extra work for your employees!

Pickup and Delivery Tracking

PHP POS allows you to record pickup and delivery options for customers so that you know what's going on with every order, from a regular customer to a catering event!

Store Gift Cards

Everyone loves getting a gift card to their favorite store, and with PHP POS, you can easily make digital or create physical gift cards to sell to your customers, enhancing your coffee shop gift card program.

And More!

The features above aren't the end of what PHP POS offers. PHP POS is a dynamic software that can grow with your business, offering robust discount and sale options and seamless payment solutions.

With PHP POS, coffee shops can manage their business more effectively, integrating both in-store and online operations. From inventory bundling and kits to flexible payment solutions, PHP POS is the ideal coffee shop POS solution for coffee shop retailers.

Robust Discount
& Sale Options
Sales Tax Customization
Delivery Tracking