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POS System for Jewlery Stores

Do you run a jewelry store? If you handle things like custom jewelry and jewelry repairs, chances are you’ve been struggling with the POS system you’re currently using. The average point of sale system will keep track of some inventory and maybe help you get a general idea of what’s going on with your sales, but they tend to be too basic for the incredibly varied and specific items that jewelry stores deal with and usually have little to no ability to handle services like jewelry repairs or sales consults.

PHP POS is different from the average point of sale system and contains features specific to the needs of jewelry stores. Through our work with customers, we’ve identified the features they really need in order to keep their jewelry store thriving and growing:

  • Robust and Customizable Inventory
  • Appointment Booking
  • Work Orders and Repairs
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Multiple Credit Card Processing Partners
  • Sales Tax Customization
  • And More!
PHP POS has features to meet all of these needs!

Robust and Customizable Inventory

PHP POS allows you to create inventory for every part your jewelry store may carry with fields for unique serial numbers as well as custom fields based on individual parts. This means you can easily keep track of charms, precious stones, and more without getting confused with all the different versions and details about them. You can also combine items into item kits if you have sets of items you market together such as a bracelet charm kit.

Inventory tracking with PHP POS is a breeze and notifications can be set up for reorder points and low inventory so that you never find yourself without what your customers need!

Robust and Customizable Inventory
Work Orders & Repairs

Work Orders and Repairs

Many jewelry shops have a service component of repairs to their business. A customer has a broken necklace or ring that needs to be resized and comes to your store.

All of this can be monitored and recorded in PHP POS’s work order feature. This will let you know what sale and item a work order is related to, who’s working on it and what has been done with the repair.

With a simple all in one place dashboard to find and work with repairs, your employees will immediately be able to help a customer calling for an update on their devices.

E-Commerce Integrations

Few businesses are entirely in store these days, which is why PHP POS offers easy ecommerce integrations. PHP POS integrates seamlessly with Shopify and WooCommerce to allow you to keep your inventory and analytics in one easy to use place!

Multiple Credit Card Processors

PHP POS has partnered with coreCLEAR to offer seamless credit card processing integration at an amazing discount to you. You can easily sign up for coreCLEAR here, and then we’ll contact you about getting your store set up with minimum fuss.

If you don’t want to take advantage of coreCLEAR’s amazing rates, PHP POS does integrate with several other credit card processors such as: Stripe, Square, cardconnect, First Data, Braintree, Heartland, and Worldpay. For more information on credit card processing see the information here.

Multiple Credit Card Processors
Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

If you’re a jewelry shop you may have to book appointments to repair things for customers or to help a customer pick out the perfect ring. PHP POS allows you to easily create appointments in the store calendar so that you can at a glance see what your employees are doing and be prepared to offer great service to your customers.

Sales Tax Customization

Sales tax can be tricky, especially for businesses with stores in multiple locations. PHP POS allows you to customize sales taxes for different groups and types of items so that you can fine tune what things show up as requiring tax or not during checkout. PHP POS also offers full integration with Taxjar for US customers, an application that will help you set up the correct tax rules for all your products and services.

Sales Tax Customization

And More!

The features above aren’t the end of what PHP POS offers. PHP POS is a dynamic software that can grow with your business.

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Robust Discount & Sale Options
Delivery Tracking
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