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Point of Sale Clothing

POS System for Sporting Goods Stores

Sporting goods stores can have a variety of items, some of which you can sell as bundles to your customers. Most point of sale systems fall apart on inventory counts and have limited customization for creating bundles. PHP POS provides a robust way to track your inventory and lets you put together any combination of items into a new and unique bundle for your customers!

Through our work with customers we’ve identified the features you really need to keep your sporting goods store thriving:

  • Robust and Customizable Inventory
  • Easy Customer Loyalty Program
  • Customizable Item Kits
  • Store Gift Cards
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Multiple Credit Card Processing Partners
  • And More!
PHP POS has features to meet all of these needs!

Robust and Customizable Inventory

PHP POS allows you to create inventory for every piece of sporting equipment and variation of that equipment that you may carry, including jerseys! You can separately track, order, and sell a shirt in five different colors and in ten different sizes with no problem using PHP POS!

Inventory tracking with PHP POS is a breeze and notifications can be set up for reorder points and low inventory so that you never find yourself without what your customers need!

Robust and Customizable Inventory
Ecommerce Integration

Customizable Item Kits

Equipment can easily be bundled into groups as item kits for anything your store needs. For example you can easily create a starter baseball kit that includes a bat, glove, baseballs and cleats for customers to grab and go!

Easy Customer Loyalty Program

We know that sporting goods stores rely on repeat business, this is why PHP POS features a robust and easy to use customer loyalty program built into our platform! Reward customers for coming back to your store with fantastic discounts with no extra work for your employees!

Store Gift Cards

Everyone loves getting a gift card to their favorite store, and with PHP POS you can easily make digital or create physical gift cards to sell to your customers!

E-Commerce Integrations

Few businesses are based on entirely in person sales these days, which is why PHP POS offers easy ecommerce integrations. PHP POS integrates seamlessly with Shopify and WooCommerce to allow you to keep your inventory and analytics in one easy to use place!

Ecommerce Integration

Multiple Credit Card Processors

PHP POS has partnered with coreCLEAR to offer seamless credit card processing integration at an amazing discount to you. You can easily sign up for coreCLEAR here, and then we’ll contact you about getting your store set up with minimum fuss.

If you don’t want to take advantage of coreCLEAR’s amazing rates, PHP POS does integrate with several other credit card processors such as: Stripe, Square, cardconnect, First Data, Braintree, Heartland, and Worldpay. For more information on credit card processing see the information here.

Multiple Credit Card Processors

And More!

The features above aren’t the end of what PHP POS offers. PHP POS is a dynamic software that can grow with your business.

Employee Commissions
Robust Discount & Sale Options
Delivery Tracking
In-Store Pickup